About the Artist



I’m retired and am now perusing my lifelong passion as an artist. My fine art training occurred over the last 12 years under the intense tutelage of Oil Painters of America Master, Joyce Pike. She co-founded that organization and the Art League of Los Angeles. She was a coveted instructor with sold out classes at the league and the Scottsdale Art School. Her last 10 formal teaching years were spent teaching packed master classes only. Her one on one attention and instruction to me was supplemented by my experience in mechanical, civil and architectural drafting. I paint daily and am driven by the desire to create exceptional world class art. I strive to have my art speak to the viewer in the same way that many artist’s works speak to me and stir my soul. To this end my quest to learn is turning out to be insatiable. I love to anonymously see the apparent delight when someone acquires my work. My style varies from tight realism to loose impressionism and covers a variety of subjects. I believe that creativity and imagination must be free to explore the boundless possibilities of a blank canvas for it’s audience to discover fresh experiences upon each viewing for years to come.